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Kensington Knights help the hungry!

One of the many products that can be made from the recycled Capri Sun pouches.

Our fourth grade classes have talked about hunger  both locally and throughout the world. Through two different service projects, our fourth grade is making a difference!

Through the "Capri Sun recycling" program, students throughout the school have been turning in their used juice pouches. The money raised from this program goes towards one of the service projects, a local food bank.

Fourth grade has also started "Penny Wars" to help world hunger. Students are collecting their spare change by grade level. The grade level donating the most spare change will choose an animal, through Heifer International, to be purchased for an overseas family in need.

If you are interested in these programs or would like to help, contact the school at 704-290-1500.

Written by: Dr. Rachel Clarke, Principal
Posted: Jan 13, 2011 by Dr. Rachel Clarke

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