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Visitors from Around the Globe

Third grade teachers pose with the Soal family, visiting from South Africa.

Third Graders at Union Elementary had visitors from around the world! Darryl and Marrianne Soal and their family from Johannesburg, South Africa came to share interesting information about their lives in South Africa with Mrs. McClain’s, Mrs. Goodman’s, Mrs. Rorie’s, and Mrs. Neuberth’s students.

The four children of the Soal family had completed their school year and were on break. This lead to the discussion of how the seasons in South Africa are the opposite of what we are experiencing in North Carolina. The Soal children shared a few ways that schools in South Africa are different from our schools, including that families must pay for their children to attend school. All students wear uniforms. Students may wear a “jersey” or sweater over their uniform. Boys and girls attend different high schools.

There are eleven official languages in South Africa and various languages are spoken in each class. Mrs. Soal taught the students to say good morning in several languages.
Mr. Soal showed the students a piece of currency from South Africa. Paper money and coins are used in South Africa. A piece of paper money is called a note. The currency used in South Africa is the rand.

Their homes and cars are similar to ours. However they do not have air conditioning or heating systems for their homes like people here. Their cars are smaller. The steering wheel in their cars is on the right side of the car and they drive on the wrong side of the road compared to people in the United States! Their cars have “boots” or trunks.

South Africa seems so far away, but the Soal family provided the third grade with an expense paid South African experience including lots of adventure.



Written by: Belinda Goodman, 3rd Grade Teacher
Posted: Jan 13, 2011 by Jennifer Williams

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