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Visitors from Germany

Sebastian Marth, Christian Leohr and Christian Moebs visit Mrs. Carolyn Hardman's second grade class to talk about life in Germany.

After returning to school from winter break, students in Mrs. Carolyn Hardman's class were surprised with visitors from Germany! Students in second grade have been studying Germany this year. They have integrated information about Germany into various class activities. Throughout the year, students are taking turns going to the media center to make brochures that tell all about Germany. Students learn about the people, weather, language, clothing, food and more.

On Tuesday January 4, 2011 Mrs. Hardman's 2nd grade class had some unexpected visitors. Sebastian Marth, Ashton Shoaf's uncle -to -be, dropped by to visit with two of his friends. Mr. Marth is originally from Germany and is now living in Charlotte. His friends, Christian Loehr and Christian Moebs, are visiting Charlotte for ten days. Because all second graders at Union are studying the country Germany this year, Mrs. Hardman's class was very excited to have these gentlemen tell them about life in Germany.

The discussion was informal, and students were given the opportunity to ask questions about their life. They asked a lot of questions about school and what their day to day life is like. Students who have already done their Germany brochures in the media center with Mrs. Williams asked questions about the food, language and climate to make sure their research was accurate.

Thank you to Sebastian Marth, Christian Leohr and Christian Moebs for taking the time to visit with Union Elementary!


Written by: Carolyn Hardman, 2nd Grade Teacher
Posted: Jan 13, 2011 by Jennifer Williams

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