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Winter Break Reading Incentive

Research shows that most students experience some amount of regression when they are not in school. An easy way to avoid the typical "reading regression" is to encourage children to read 20 minutes everyday and to pick out books he or she will enjoy. Stallings Elementary students were given a challenge and rose to it over the recent winter break. If the students read 14 out of the 17 days during the winter break ( about 80% of the time), then completed the form provided and turned the form into our Literacy Facilitator, Mrs. Brooke Kramb's classroom on January 3rd, the students were entered into a drawing for a free book of their own choice.  All of the forms were also displayed in the main hallway for all to marvel at the wonderful progress in reading over the break. Twenty students names were pulled out of the whopping 200 entries on January 5th! Ms. Kramb wanted all of the students to know that they were all winners for reading over the break. Congratulations to all who participated. Below is the list of students that received a free book.

Anthony Camp Avari Flowers
Jalen Destin Meredith Palamountain
Anna Maria Minakakis Melissa Fiesco
Tripp Collins Jazmin Harrington
Parker Cook Amber Taylor
Molly Monago Ethan Kielkowicz
Kyndall Nivens Cameron Trofinoff
Savannah Levister Stephanie Monago
Madison Kitchenmaster Haley Davison
Madison Tamms Bryan Fiesco

Written by: Brooke Kramb
Posted: Jan 16, 2011 by Janice Deane

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