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Ms. Pohlmeyer Visits New Zealand!

sheep in New Zealand

I was fortunate enough to spend my winter break in Christchurch, New Zealand. I lived in Christchurch from April 2006-March 2008 so it was kind of like going 'home' for me (I have many places that I call home!). It was a chance for me to see family and friends, along with the beautiful country and it was an added bonus that it is summer there! Before leaving for my trip, I talked a lot about New Zealand with my classes, and my 4th grade reading class took a particular interest in learning about the country and culture.

Since we have been studying non-fiction, we incorporated our interest into everyday lessons with a focus on globalization. With my students’ interest in mind, I really wanted them to get a better idea what the country is like and how it differs from America, so I decided to bring a flip camera with me to document my journey.

Before I left, I had my reading students come up with a list of questions that they would like to ask my 'kiwi' friends in New Zealand (kiwi is a nickname given to people from New Zealand). I had each student choose their top two questions, then I videotaped them asking the question.

When I got to New Zealand, I had my kiwi friends answer the questions, then I was able to make a flip movie, linking the questions and answers together. Upon returning to school, my students were so excited to see my friends from halfway around the world answering their questions!

I am proud of this movie, and I would like to share it with the HBES community, so you can learn a little bit about New Zealand's culture, country and people. Please visit my moodle website, where you can find even more videos about the country. There is a movie where more questions are answered, along with a look at a kiwi elementary school. I hope you enjoy them and make sure to check back on my moodle page, as I will be adding more videos!

Written by: Jamie Pohlmeyer, AIG Teacher
Posted: Jan 18, 2011 by April Phillips

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