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Don't Be Slack! 80% on Track!

Mrs. Pipes' second graders celebrated the 80th day of school in a big way! In fact, everyone at Union Elementary traveled back in time to the 1980s. We had a fun filled day Thursday, January 6th as we celebrated the 80th day of school. It was a blast from the past! Many teachers and students came to school dressed up in their best 80’s outfit, and awards were given to the best dressed teacher and student. "Why do this?" you may ask. This year, the goal of Union Elementary School is to help students reach a composite score of 80%, be a School of Distinction, and assist all students to meet high growth. The teachers and staff shared with the students the importance of setting academic goals and working hard to accomplish those goals.

Students and teachers came to school dressed up in an 80's outfit. You could walk around the building and see the Madonna look, the preppy look, leg warmers, big hair, stirrup pants, leggins, and more. It was a blast for students to see their teachers dressed up. Students even got to see a slideshow of what the teachers looked like back in the 1980's from pictures brought in by teachers.

Mrs. Pipes' students as well as other students have been diligently working towards the goal that 80% of the students in each classroom is on or above grade level. Mrs. Pipes is charting the class'progress on a data wall in her classroom. All classroom teachers are charting progress and will be monitoring each child's growth.

The students in Mrs. Pipe's class set a goal on the 80th day to read 80 books as a class. With teamwork and effort students met this goal and had so much fun too! Students have learned that we can have fun while we focus on our school's academic goal. Students at Union are Rockin' and Rollin" into the 80's!!!


Written by: Karen Pipes, 2nd Grade Teacher
Posted: Jan 19, 2011 by Jennifer Williams

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