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Holiday's Around the World

On December 7th, Rocky River hosted our first Holidays Around the World Festival. The event was quite a success with well over 200 families in attendance! We kicked off the event with some updates from our beloved PTA. This was followed by a wonderful performance by the 2nd and 4th grades led by our music teacher, Mr. Wieland. Who knew these students were so global and could sing in various languages?!!

Following the performance and displays, families were invited to walk through the building to learn about the various countries and continents being studied throughout the school. Flags representing 29 different countries were displayed outside of the classrooms. The students created powerpoints, posters, maps, and artwork to reflect the cultures and customs of their countries. They even designed paper lanterns and holiday symbols to give the guests an authentic glimpse of what it would be like to visit that country this time of year.

Rocky River would like to thank all of the friends and families that helped out for this event. We hope to continue this tradition yearly in order to increase our community’s global awareness. Now that we have a better sense for cultures around the world, we would like to take a deeper look at the cultures represented by our very own staff members and families.

Parents, please check your child’s Wednesday folder for an upcoming family survey. We would love for each family to complete a survey about their family background to share with the students. Stay tuned for the results of these surveys in our next Globalization update on the Rocky River website! 



Written by: Vikki Tunick, Interventionist and Principal Intern
Posted: Jan 20, 2011 by Kristin Wiese

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