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Anime Club members Vanessa Santos, Destiny Valentin, Christy Hollar, Kai Stinson, Abby Tesar, club president Kim Stansfield, Destiny Hernandez, and Cassie Collins volunteer during the CHS Holiday Bazaar.

Anime is commonly known as Japanese animation. Did you know that CHS has an active Anime Club? The members meet twice a month to enjoy and appreciate the Japanese art in many forms. Some of the students are artists and use the time to draw and share cartoons; some love to watch Anime videos following commonly enjoyed story lines; some read and discuss manga, which are Japanese comics and cartoons; and all enjoy the socialization, creativity, and camaraderie that all Anime fans possess. In January, several Anime members even attended the Ichibancon Anime Convention in downtown Charlotte where participants celebrated Japanese animated films and shows, J-pop/rock, and many aspects of Japanese culture!

The CHS Anime Club also participates in community service. In December club members volunteered a day of their time to participate in the CHS Holiday Bazaar selling cold drinks. A portion of the proceeds was sent as a donation to the Union County Human Society. During the bazaar, the students also supervised a used book sale which benefited our Media Center. There is much more to Anime at CHS than just cartoons! The club welcomes any interested students! Just watch the scrolling announcements for meeting dates and times or check with club sponsor Ms. White or any club member. For more information on Anime, you may visit www.anime.com

Written by: Ms. Paula White
Posted: Jan 24, 2011 by Ms. Paula White

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