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UCPS teachers honored for national certification

Superintendent Dr. Ed Davis congratulates five of the 52 newly certified National Board teachers during a recent celebration at Central Academy of Technology and Arts. Pictured, from left, are Amanda Lee Furr from Porter Ridge Elementary, Donna Grasso-Brook from Kensington Elementary, Davis, Jodi Brown from Unionville Elementary, Kelly Nance from Prospect Elementary and Andrea Savill from Shiloh Elementary.

There are 355 Union County Public School teachers who have attained their National Board certification. Fifty-two of those are newly certified and were honored recently for their hard work.

“We’re such a great school system because we have such great teachers,” UCPS Superintendent Dr. Ed Davis said. “The students benefit from the new skills you gain from attaining this certification. I want to thank and congratulate you for all you have done and all you will do for the students of Union County Public Schools.”

Davis was speaking to not only the 52 newly certified teachers, but also the 21 educators who renewed their certification.

“Tonight we are here to celebrate this great accomplishment and completing this grueling process,” said UCPS Board chairman Dean Arp. “You make a difference to the children you serve. You make yourself better so you can make your students better.”

Those in attendance included not only family and friends, but also members of the Union County Board of Education, Union County Board of Commission Chairman Jerry Simpson, Representative Craig Horn from the House of Representatives, UCPS Central Office staff, UCPS principals and assistant principals, as well as other UCPS National Board Certified teachers.

The speaker for the event was the 2010-11 UCPS Teacher of the Year Andrew Rosene who encouraged teachers to rely on each other every day. “You need to observe each other and learn from each other. We shouldn’t do this alone. We need to make sure we’re all working together for the common goal of educating children.”

National Board Certification requires an extensive series of performance-based assessments including teaching portfolios, student work samples, videotapes, analyses of the individual’s teaching ability and the level of student learning. Teachers also complete a series of written exercises testing their subject-matter knowledge and their understanding of how to teach those subjects.

A 63-member board of directors, the majority of whom are classroom teachers, governs the National Board. It was created in 1987 as a non-partisan, independent and nonprofit organization with a mission to establish high and rigorous standards for what accomplished teachers should know, and to be able to assess and certify teachers who meet those standards. It also strives to advance education reforms to improve student learning in American schools.

The following is a list of the 52 newly UCPS National Board Certified teachers:

Lindsey Arant - Marvin Ridge High
Rachel Blackledge - East Union Middle
Janet Brower - Weddington High
Jodi Brown - Unionville Elementary
Kristen Bruch - Antioch Elementary
Katie Carelock - Parkwood Middle
Andrea Cook - Weddington High
Mario Donato - Forest Hills High
Andrea Edwards - Monroe High
Frances Eichelberger - Antioch Elementary
Dawn Fell - Sandy Ridge Elementary School
Amanda Lee Furr - Porter Ridge Elementary
Donna Grass0-Brook - Kensington Elementary
Riva Miller - Cuthbertson Middle
Jessica Harrison - Marvin Elementary
Erin Helms - Prospect Elementary
Elaine Holeman - Central Academy Of Technology And Arts
Lisa Holler - South Providence
Sharon Hovis - Benton Heights Elementary
Mindy Jenkins - Fairview Elementary
Steven Kapka - Marvin Ridge High
Julianne Lease - Piedmont High
Cynthia Lonon - Cuthbertson Middle
Janet Mackey - Walter Bickett Elementary
Carolyn Manikas - Walter Bickett Elementary
Danielle Martin - Cuthbertson High
Jill Messer - Piedmont High
Corey Miller - Cuthbertson Middle
Sharon Mitchell - Sandy Ridge Elementary School
Kelly Nance - Prospect Elementary
Melissa Ottaway - Shiloh Elementary
Cynthia Price - East Union Middle
Christin Reardon - Marvin Ridge Middle
Brooke Rockey - Marvin Elementary
Andrea Savill - Shiloh Elementary
Maya Schultz - Cuthbertson High
Genny Simpson - Union County Early College
Lexanne Speer - Piedmont High
Daniel Stanford - Parkwood Middle
Christina Starnes - Cuthbertson Middle
Jill Stout - Parkwood High
Danielle Sullivan - Cuthbertson Middle
Donna Thompson - Porter Ridge Elementary
Anna Waldrup - Sun Valley Middle
Christopher Webb - Cuthbertson Middle
Zulma Weste - Monroe Middle
Debra Wike - Piedmont Middle
Susan Williams - Weddington Middle
Starla Williams - New Salem Elementary
Jennifer Yearick - Porter Ridge High School
Stephanie Zak - Porter Ridge High School
Laura Zygo - Unionville Elementary

Written by: Deb Coates Bledsoe, UCPS Communications Coordinator
Video by: Don Mace, Web Communications Coordinator
Posted: Jan 24, 2011 by Deb Coates Bledsoe

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