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Principal Rob Jackson Named Wachovia Southwest Region VI Principal of the Year

Principal Rob Jackson, right, reacts to the news he was named Wachovia Southwest Region VI Principal of the Year, announced by UCPS Superintendent Dr. Ed Davis, left.

Our very own Principal Rob Jackson has been selected as the Wachovia Southwest Region VI Principal of the Year! The announcement was made at a surprise staff meeting Friday, January 21, 2011. Superintendent Dr. Ed Davis made the announcement before a group that included CHS staff and administration, UCPS cabinet members, and Mr. Jackson’s wife, Mrs. Rene Jackson. Mr. Jackson was selected by his peers as UCPS Principal of the Year last October and now will move on to compete for the North Carolina Principal of the Year title. The CHS staff could not be more delighted with the news. Several recalled memorable events that Mr. Jackson has been part of.

Kim Wren (Math) said, “Mr. Jackson is more than just a great leader; he truly cares about his staff and students as he does his own family. The night my husband was seriously injured in a car accident, he came to the hospital to offer his support. Despite his busy schedule, Mr. Jackson makes time to make personal connections with his staff.”

Danielle Martin (Math) recalled, “The first thing that comes to my mind is from last year when Mr. Jackson was away for stretches of time with Joshua. Obviously while he away he did not do the daily announcements. One day, after a period of Mr. Jackson being away, his voice came on to do the pledge and announcements. My students got so excited when they heard his voice. One of my students made the comment, ‘Hearing Mr. Jackson do the announcements always makes me smile.’ It was so uninhibited and unprovoked for her to say it, which made it so touching.”

Staff members agree that working for Mr. Jackson is special. Michael Roark (English) said, “The thing I love about Mr. Jackson is that he models for us the way he expects us to perform. Everything he asks us to do he models every day for us. I really appreciate working for someone who actually does the same things he asks of us. It’s how he approaches his job that I really appreciate.” Ashley Hurley (English) said, “Mr. Jackson is the quintessential servant leader. He is trustworthy, humble, caring, visionary, empowering, and an incredible community builder. He is a coach, not a controller, and he puts people first. He leads from the heart and leads to better serve others - not for selfish purposes.”

Tammy Nelson (English) said, “One of the many qualities I respect about Mr. Jackson is his unique ability to be a very hands-on principal without micro-managing everyone and everything. Once we gain his trust, he hands over the proverbial reigns and gives us all our chance to shine.” Nikki Hefner (Data Manager) agreed with this. “I love how Mr. Jackson embraces our individual strengths and talents and allows us to utilize them to make ourselves and the school successful.”

Sarah Stott (Social Studies) said, “Being able to work for Mr. Jackson has been wonderful. Some adjectives I would use to describe him would be: excellent, hardworking, positive, caring, and fun. He is a great administrator, and I am proud to work for him. The dedication he has for his own job makes me want to work harder to reach a higher level of teaching. He is an excellent role model. He never seems to get tired even though there are times I think he lives at school. Mr. Jackson always has a welcoming smile and makes anyone feel comfortable. Being the volleyball coach, I can see how his support has impacted my players. Not only will he attend our games, but he would always interact with the girls and with the students in the stands. He made sure to give the team encouragement and I could see how much it meant to them knowing their principal truly cares and is routing them on. Mr. Jackson is a principal that truly cares. I am so happy for him winning the Regional Principal of the Year. He deserves the award.”

Lisa Helms (French) commented, “When I found out I was being moved to Cuthbertson, I didn't want to go. I agreed to meet with Rob Jackson as a courtesy to him, but I planned on respectfully declining the job. After a 30 minute meeting with him, I couldn't wait to go to work! He had me so excited about the school that I couldn't wait for it to open. His attitude rubs off on everyone around him. I have never worked with anyone like him before. He is the heart and soul of CHS.” Jodi Marsden (Math) reflected, “His leadership makes me want to come to work every day! He makes me a better teacher!”

Assistant Principal Kim Warr summed it up; “His character and strength, his vision of excellence, and his personable nature make Mr. Jackson the ideal Southwest Regional Principal of the Year. He is a role model who models innovative thinking, effective communication, and student-centered decision making. I cannot think of anyone more deserving of this prestigious honor.”

Congratulations, Mr. Jackson! We are proud of you and proud to work for you! We wish you continued success!

Written by: Written by Ms. Paula White and Ms. Kim Warr; Photo Courtesy of Ms. Deb Bledsoe, UCPS Communications Coordinator
Posted: Jan 25, 2011 by Ms. Paula White

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