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Are you from around here?

Hayley, fourth grade student, marks survey results on her clipboard.

In the late 1500s many Europeans from England, Ireland, Germany, Scotland, and Switzerland sailed over to settle in what is now North Carolina. They settled in the coastal plain first. Eventually many moved inland to the piedmont and some went to the mountains. Later groups of pioneers from Virginia, Maryland, and Pennsylvania used an old Native American road called The Great Wagon Road to settle in our area because they could purchase tracts of land cheaply. Those people brought with them their customs, traditions, foods, beliefs, and languages, and helped make North Carolina what it is today. 

As Mrs. Foster’s class studied this information, we wondered about our own faculty and where they have lived. Each person here enriches our school. It is interesting to see how many states are represented in Union Elementary’s faculty. Some have lived in foreign countries. Mrs. Kamp has lived in Turkey, and Mrs. Foster has lived in Panama and Germany. Check out the numbers in the states. They represent how many people in our faculty have lived there. The variety of experiences they’ve had in other states, added to the fabulous people who have always lived in North Carolina make ours a very cosmopolitan school.


Written by: Lisa Foster, 4th Grade Teacher
Posted: Jan 28, 2011 by Jennifer Williams

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