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Cans, Community Service, AND Geometry??? What do These Have in Common?

The pencil "canstruction" created by Deb Cochran's class.

When you look at a can, its base is a circle--it is really a cylinder, and when you begin to stack different cylinders you can create larger cylinders or sectors or hexagons or cones and there is a lot of geometry in that. And when you match colors and work with shapes and designs, you have a canned sculpture.

Mrs. Cochran and Ms. Fowler’s Geometry classes decided to create canned sculptures to help make the geometry more real and to give back to the community.

Students and teachers brought in donations to purchase the cans. Food Lion on Franklin Street helped Mrs. Cochran’s class to defray the cost of the cans which had to be certain sizes and colors and Ms. Fowler’s class brought in cans and received reduced cost cans from Food Lion of Indian Trail on HWY 74.

Approximately 5 hours went into the actual building of each structure and many hours in the design and prep work. Thanks also to the parents who helped Mrs. Cochran’s class—Mrs. Meteer and Mr. and Mrs. Barnes.

In the maze for a few more days, you can see “Erase Hunger” sculpture built by members of Mrs. Cochran’s class and “The Cheesecake” built by Ms. Fowler’s class.

Al and Dave from Loaves and Fishes of Union County shared information about the charity and explained how the donation of approximately 1000 cans will be used when the structures are broken down.

So next year? Our classes challenge the school to get different groups to compete and bring in judges, so that our donation can impact even more people.

Written by: Deb Cochran
Posted: Jan 28, 2011 by Ms. Deb Christensen

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