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Rock Rest holds premiere Swiss Chess Tournament

Rock Rest Elementary School held its first chess tournament recently, with nine players competing for the first-place trophy. All players, however, were recognized with “Super Star Student Award certificates for their participation. Pictured, front row, from left, are fourth-grader Jackson Cararrubias, fifth grader Christian McFadden, fifth grader Jakaron Timmons and fifth grader Joshua McKoy. Pictured on the back row are, second-place winner Keren Bustamante of the fourth grade, first-place winner Gary Miller of the fifthgrade, fourth grader Jaden Harrick, second-place winner Edgar Sanchez of the fourth grade and fifth grader Chris Stegall.

Rock Rest Elementary School hosted its first ever Swiss Chess Tournament recently, which was opened not only to the school’s chess club members, but to all fourth- and fifth-grade students as well.

Rock Rest custodian Ian Haigler (an avid chess player) and teacher Nancy Whitley, the chess club sponsors, along with Rock Rest community volunteers Tony Cato and Mitch Austin, assisted the players, arranged pairings, posted score cards and tallied the cumulative scores at the end to determine the winners at the Dec. 18, 2010, event, which lasted from 9 am until noon in the school’s media center.

“The tournament was a great success,” Whitley said. “We are just getting started with this endeavor, and we hope to continue to have a chess team in the future. We are planning a spring tournament and we expect double the participants then. We look forward to more activities this year and next.”

There were four rounds. At the end of round one, Jackson Cararrubias was leading. In round two, Keren Bustamante, Joshua McCoy, Jakaron Timmons, andGary Miller began to ease away from the others and set up a four-way tie for first place. This bumped Jackson into a second-place tie with Jaden Harrick and Edgar Sanchez.

“There was a lot of excitement and anticipation as the tournament progressed,” Whitley said. “Parents were watching and gathering close to the tournament area at the end of each round waiting anxiously to see the results and the next pairings.”

Round three added yet another player to the now five-way tie for first place when Edgar joined the leader board. The last and final round gave way to the winner of the tournament – Gary Miller. His high score followed by Keren and Edgar, both tying for second place.

Trophies were given to the first- and second-place competitors in fourth and fifth grades. “The first-place trophies were approximately four feet tall with a chess piece on the top and the school name engraved on the front,” Whitley said. “The second-place trophies were similar to the first-place trophies, but a bit smaller.”

The trophies, given to the school by an anonymous donor earlier in the year, were awarded to three players total. All players received certificates of participation and their own personal chess set and/or prizes.

Rock Rest’s Chess Club, which is in its second year, begins in September and ends in late March. The club is made up of mostly fifth graders and meets once each week for 45 minutes.

“There are 12 students currently in the chess club but there will be an opportunity for more students to join at our next open enrollment date at the end of January,” Whitley said.

The club meetings are not only educational, they’re fun, too. Haigler begins the meetings with a problem of the day or a scenario for the students to ponder during the class. He does demonstrations and mock chess plays, and he oftenplays all the students at one time with two students at a board together as his opponents.

“Students in the club are very eager to get started each week,” Whitely said. “They have benefited socially from their interaction with their opponents, as well as practiced their higher-level thinking skills.”

This year Haigler and Whitley have added a mobile library for the club, and the members can check out books about chess. They have also made contact with Alexandra Kosteniuk, the women’s’ world chess champion, and are in the process of trying to work out a scheduled appearance at the school in the spring.

Written by: Nancy Whitley
Posted: Jan 28, 2011 by Mrs. Mona Diggs , NBCT

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