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“Because I Can” Basketball Ballhandling Club puts on a great performance!

Prospect Elementary is proud to have a “Because I Can” Basketball Ballhandling Club at our school for the second year. Prospect’s club includes 3 volunteer teacher coaches - Mrs. Pawlowski (4th Grade), Miss. Peachthong (3rd Grade), and Mrs. Rosenthal (PE) and 40 boys and girls in grades 3-5.

This year the club was asked to perform as the halftime show for the Parkwood High School Girl’s Varsity Game on February 1st.

The focus of the program is to build our students’ character through the use of a basketball and ballhandling drills. Inspiring phrases such as; “Never Say I Can’t – Always Say I’ll Try” and “Do The Work,” are recited throughout the weekly morning practices. Students learn what hard work, improvement, and success feel like as they work to better their basketball handling skills. This program is a part of Networks, a non-profit organization.

Written by: Mrs. Pawlowski, 4th Grade Teacher
Posted: Feb 03, 2011 by Airen Hartis

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