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Ms. Keziah’s class is global

Ms. Christy Keziah shows students what the Mexican flag looks like.

Ms. Christy Keziah’s class is global! We are global because we have been learning about other countries, along with our country.

In Social Studies, Ms. Keziah’s students have been learning about their country along with other countries around the world. Kindergarten has decided to select Mexico to zoom in on. We learned about our flag and leaders in our country. We also researched Mexico on the internet to compare the flag in Mexico and the flag in America. Ms. Keziah’s students also researched the president in Mexico. We have utilized our computer lab time to go on a web quest to learn more about Mexico. We learned about what foods they eat and what kind of clothes they wear. We have learned that other countries are different from America, where we live.

Another way that we have learned about other countries is through read alouds. We have read several stories with main characters from other countries. On of our favorite books is titled My Name is Yoon. This story is about a little girl from Korea who moved to America and has to start a new school. Yoon had to learn how to write her name in English and learn another language. We discussed how she probably felt moving to another country where others spoke a different language.

As the year goes on, Ms. Keziah’s students will continue to be global by learning more about Mexico and other countries!

Written by: Christy Keziah, 1st Grade Teacher
Posted: Feb 03, 2011 by Jennifer Williams

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