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Vibrations, Sounds, and Bagpipes, Oh My!

Mr. Huffman plays the bagpipes for second grade students.

This year, not only did  second grade students, at Waxhaw Elementary get to read all about sound, they had the opportunity to hear some great sounds!

Mr. Huffman, whose son is in Amy Goodson's class, performed some songs on his bagpipes for us.  We discovered first hand how vibrations make sound.  We were able to hear the differences in pitch listening to Ms. Huffman play his two bagpipes.

"The students really had a great time listening to the music and trying to guess the songs.  It really allowed them to make the connections between vibrations and sound," said Susan Green, a second grade teacher.

Mr. Huffman, who is a member of the Charlotte Fire Department Bagpipers, even gave us a quick lesson on the origin on the bagpipes.  The students were amazed to learn that they originated in Ancient Egypt!

Mr. Huffman demonstrated different sounds on his bagpipes and then answered some of our questions about sound.  We even got to play a sound guessing game when Mr. Hoffman played some familiar tunes.

"It was so amazing hearing Mr. Hoffman play the bagpipes.  I could not believe it when he knew how to play the song from Star Wars!" exlaimed second grader Michael Torbush.

All second graders really learned a lot about sound that day.  Thank you so much to Mr. Hoffman for taking the time to play his bagpipes for us.

Written by: Susan Green, Second Grade Teacher
Posted: Feb 03, 2011 by Kimberly Thomas

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