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Black History Month at Rocky River ASP

Rocky River ASP students made a Unity Wreath to help remind us that each of us has a responsibility to promote peace and harmony not only between races, but also individuals.

During the month of February, Rocky River Elementary After School Program will journey through American history to commemorate African-Americans who have changed the world. Black history and culture is such a part of the American fabric and the school curriculum that it's difficult to imagine a time when that wasn't so. "Black history isn't all in the past--everyone can do their part to ensure quality and harmony between all races," said Sylvia Penegar, program coordinator.

Colin Powell, Rosa Parks Martin Luther King, Jr., Booker T. Washington, George Washington Carver, Harriet Tubman--these are only a few of the African-Americans that the students will study during February to learn how each person has significantly influenced not only the African-American community, but all of society.

As the children study the individuals they will discuss discrimination and racism. They will imagine how being treated unfairly could affect a person, how discrimination is hurtful and ultimately affects all society. They will discuss their feelings--have they ever been treated unfairly and how did they feel about that.

As a part of the study of Black History Month the students have done a bulletin board that illustrates many famous African-Americans and have also made a beautiful Unity Wreath to help remind all of us that we must do our part to help keep peace and harmony with all people.

Written by: Sylvia Penegar
Posted: Feb 06, 2011 by Karen Smith

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