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Parkwood teens offer anti-drug message

Parkwood High School’s Dream Team took their anti-drug message to three elementary schools last semester, hoping to make a difference in the lives of elementary students before they move on to middle school.
The high school students, all part of a school anti-drug task force, visited fifth graders at Waxhaw and Western Union Elementary schools, as well as fourth graders at Prospect Elementary on May 23 and May 27, 2008.
The Dream Team, in its second year, is an anti-drug task force supported by Parkwood’s club of Student Athletes Against Drugs (SAAD). “The Dream Team is composed of some of Parkwood’s finest scholar athletes who are all active members of SAAD,” said Jennifer R. Bess, the SAAD Club school sponsor.
The members worked for several months to gather and prepare materials that would teach younger students about the dangers of drugs. During the visits, they performed skits, a puppet show, played games, and had a mini-concert featuring a rewritten rap song that helped enforce the anti-drug message.
In addition to viewing skits on how to say no to drugs and alcohol, each student was encouraged to work with a Dream Team member to come up with a unique way to say “No” in certain situations. The skits were then performed in front of the entire group.
All work was done in an effort to get the point across before the elementary students enter middle school where they could possibly be exposed to harmful things. At the end of the program, the elementary students were given a “Pledge to be Drug Free” certificate as well as ribbons, stickers and candy.
Parents in the community said they heard these young students talking about the program for several days after the visits. The Dream Team believes they were successful in their attempt to reach the younger children and look forward to working with the schools in the years ahead.

Dream Team Members:

  Ahlstrom, Davis  
  Ashley, Jonathan  
  Ashman, Kali  
  Atwell, Morgan  
  Broome, Kit  
  Cox, Brittney  
  Evatt, Nicole  
  Harmon, Mitchell  
  Howie, Kate  
  Johnson, Nick  
  Kelly, Eddie  
  Kuykendall, Matt  
  McAteer, Makenzie  
  McClendon, Garrett  
  Monroe, Steth  
  Morton, Cameron  
  Mosley, Natalie  
  Ramsey, Renee  
  Rannow, Morgan  
  Speck, Zach  
  Stevens, Hannah  
  Stevens, Kaitlin  
  Yeakley, Brooke 


Written by: Jennifer Bess, Parkwood High School teacher
Posted: Sep 09, 2008 by Deb Coates Bledsoe

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