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Bledsoe Offers MP Class Journalism Tips

Deb Bledsoe, UCPS Communications Coordinator, smiles along with the members of the CHS Media Production class. Pictured standing are senior Brendon Reid, Deb Bledsoe, senior Jordan Bonilla, junior Andrew Strong, and seniors Carter Murphy, Matt Hagan, and Porsha Bartee. Seated are seniors Nicolette Pfaff, Kim Amzler, Laura Jendretzki, and Jane Sosinski.

From being arrested for shop-lifting to teaching high school Spanish, Deb Bledsoe has done it all! The UCPS Communications Coordinator, which is a fancy name for the person who writes the feature articles on the county website, came to visit CHS’s Media Production class on Wednesday, February 9, 2011.

Now you may be wondering, “Why is a lady who was arrested for shoplifting coming to visit students?” Well Bledsoe wasn’t actually arrested. At the time, she was a journalist for the Enquirer Journal and wanted to give her readers a first-hand look at what it would be like to be "arrested." This gives you an idea at how serious she took her job as a journalist.

“I’ve been writing ever since I can remember,” says Bledsoe. “Before, I would just keep journals and use it as a release. Now, it’s still a release, but I get to benefit the public. I think for any good journalist, they need to know, focus on, and understand people.”

After 15 years of writing for the Enquirer Journal, Bledsoe took her talents to the high schools, and taught Spanish at Parkwood High School for several years. After her stay there, she started her job at the county level, reporting and writing the feature articles for the website.

When meeting with the Media Production students; who focus on using technology, making videos, and writing feature articles for the Cuthbertson High School website; she taught the students about effective reporting and feature writing. The students picked up on some good tips for writing and really benefited from the visit. “The best piece of advice she gave me,” says senior Carter Murphy, laughing, “was to find a spouse who can support me! Just kidding. She was actually very insightful. I learned a lot about reporting and since I want to be a journalist, it was a very good experience for me.”

Written by: Brendon Reid, Senior, CHS Media Production Class
Posted: Feb 11, 2011 by Ms. Paula White

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