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Congratulations to first place winners: Zach Britton, Jake Kimborough, Tyvon Bush and Elizabeth Seibel.

The Conference Center at SPCC was the place to be Friday night. Seventeen students competed in the first ever Unleashed Talent Show. From sweet, soulful sounds to rocking rifts, from a down-home, country girl to a classical violinist, Early College students wowed an audience packed with students, family and friends. 

Chris Correa started the show with "Baby, Please Don't Go." Kayla Foster played her guitar and sang "Say." Iman Ardrey, Alberdeania Lawrence, and Chey Peterson sang and choreographed "Angel." Anna Nyugen, Roberta Allen, Lilly Collins, and Lauren Shoemaker performed a choreographed dance routine to Korean music entitled "Oh!" “Back to December” was MacKenzie Kelly’s selection. Sharilee Stacy-Haws delivered an acapella performance of “Beautiful Inside.” â€œLittle White Church” was sung by Amber Volgewede. Violinist Isabelle Young performed “Old Man and Old Woman.” Drummer Tyvon Bush and guitarists Zach Britton and Jake Kimborough played “Joker and the Thief,” along with soloist Elizabeth Seibel. Katie Ensley and Kali Adamski were the hostesses for the show. 
Members of the audience cast ballots for the winners. As the ballots were being counted, faculty and staff members treated everyone with acts of their own. Geometry teacher, Ms. Simpson, sang “I Hope You Dance” and the very special dance team of Ms. McFadden, Ms. Whitener and Ms. Wade did a costumed routine to the “Hokey Pokey.”
All contestants were brought back onto the stage for a final round of applause and the announcement of the winners. Sharilee Stacy-Haws and Amber Volgewede tied for third place; MacKenzie Kelly won second place; and first place winners were the band - Tyvon Bush, Zach Britton, Jake Kimbrough and Elizabeth Seibel.
A great big thanks goes to Ms. Pharr and her students for planning this fun filled night of entertainment for all of us. We look forward to this becoming a yearly event!


Written by: Sylvia Roldan
Posted: Feb 14, 2011 by Sylvia Roldan

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