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Developing Distinguished Teachers

High School Teachers participating in Paideia Seminar

Thirty-six Union County High School teachers and administrators have been working together to develop distinguised teachers in their own schools. Every high school is represented in a multi-session training in which teachers are learning the New Teacher Evaluation Process, 21st Century teaching and learning strategies,and global and cultural awareness along with Web 2.0 tools to take back to the classroom.

 Teachers completing a carousel activity. Teachers and Administrators (pictured left to right) Paul Ruefle (South Providence School), Vinson Covington (Parkwood High School), Joyce Dunlap (Weddington High School), Ashley Hurley (Cuthbertson High School), and Donita Gregory(Piedmont High School) are working together completing a carousel activity after participating in a lesson on carbon footprints.
Mary Milikin (Parkwood High School), Vinson Covington and Principal, Jan Hollis (Parkwood High School) discuss the experience of participating in the Paideai Seminar.  Discussing 21st Century teaching and learning.
 Reflections!  Wrapping it up at the end of the day!

Written by: Dana Crosson, Director of Secondary Education
Posted: Feb 14, 2011 by Dana Crosson

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