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100th Day of School

First Grader celebrates the 100th Day of School

As part of the 100 days of school celebration, first grade collected cereal bars. Their goal was to collect 100 bars per class, however, over 530 bars were collected.  These cereal bars will be donated to the Union County Crisis Assistance Ministry's food pantry.  The teachers were very excited to teach the children that giving is also a way to celebrate. 

The chilldren also dressed up as if they were 100 years old.  It was hilarious to see all the different perspectives of what 100 years looks like to each person.  We felt like we wer in a nursing home instead of an elementary school!  The children participated in math centers using the number 100 by making tally marks, measuring, skip counting by ones, twos, fives and tens, just to name a few.  Then the chilren colored a picture of what they would look like at 100 years old and wrote about it.  It is so neat to see what children really think about the number 100.

Written by: Debra Herring
Posted: Feb 15, 2011 by Marni Menkin

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