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Every writer is an author!

Ms. Michelle Devens 4th grade class poses for a picture with Steven Layne.

Every writer is an author!

That is the message that Steven Layne gave students at Union Elementary during his recent visit! We often have a false image of an author's life, picturing a glamorous, celebrity lifestyle. Author Steven Layne, however, expressed to our students and staff that being an author begins when you pick up a pencil and write. He began as an author in first grade when he wrote his first story. As a result of his growing passion for writing, he has published many children books, books for young adults, and several books for teachers! 

Students in Pre-Kindergarten through fifth grade had the privilege of hearing about his journey from being an author in first grade to becoming a published author. He shared his story full of self determination, obstacles, and perseverance, and encouraged students to never give up on writing! Being able to relate to a real life author and share writing experiences has inspired and renewed a love of writing that is quickly spreading throughout Union Elementary!

Teachers were also in for a treat when each of them received a copy of Steven Layne's book Igniting a Passion for Reading and got to spend some time with him during staff development that afternoon. He was generous enough to stay to autograph his book following the session.

Ms. Michelle Devens' fourth grade class is just one class that was inspired by Steven Layne's visit to Union Elementary. Writer's workshop has become an exciting time for students to be creative and develop their individual writing styles. Ms. Devens' students recently studied other authors' poetry to get a deeper look at what it takes to be a poet. After examining different techniques and styles, students wrote their own poems that are going to be published! Each student will receive a copy of their own poetry book! The students in Ms. Devens' class may be published authors now, but remember that every writer is an author whether or not he/she has published a piece of writing! 




Written by: Michelle Devens, 4th grade teacher
Posted: Feb 15, 2011 by Jennifer Williams

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