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Brazilian Soccer Players Visit Western Union

Kindergarten students and the Brazil soccer players.

On Friday, February 11, Kindergarten and third grade students from Western Union Elementary School were treated to a special visit as part of the school’s year-long globalization study.  These two grade levels have been studying Brazil since the beginning of the school year.  On Friday, four Wingate University soccer players from Brazil came to the school to talk to students about their native country. 

Piero Riva and Felippe Imperatrize spoke to approximately 150 Kindergarten and third grade students in the school’s media center and auditorium.  The Brazilians students explained the many differences and similarities between student life in Brazil and America.  They also covered a variety of topics such as the education system, weather, housing, food, sports, animals, holidays, clothing, transportation, and their culture.  The kindergarten students asked questions about sports, food, animals, transportation, and video games.  When asked what they missed most from Brazil, Piero and Felippe replied that they missed their families and the food.  After a question and answer session with third grade students and teachers, the young men performed several soccer tricks on stage. Some of the students were given the opportunity to participate with them.  All the students were engaged and intrigued with the soccer players, their culture and their talents.

Written by: Maureen Fumo, Holly Young, and Joy Diggs
Posted: Feb 23, 2011 by Carrie Johnson

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