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Principal from India visits BHESA

Maharudra Holrhonur Nagappa, principal of a school in India, visited Benton Heights on Monday, February 21. Mr. Harvey took Mr. Nagappa on a tour of our school.

Mr. Nagappa is the Principal of Paper Town English School in Paper Town, Bhadravati. Bhadravati is in Karnataka State which is near Bangalore.

Mr. Nagappa is in the United States visiting his son who works as a consultant with Allvac in Monroe. Mr. Nagappa will be in the United States for six months touring different community organizations. The majority of his time will be spent in schools.

Mr. Nagappa was interested in looking at our system of education in the public vs. private sector. He was intrigued by the openness of our classrooms and the freedom the children had in making instructional decisions that help them progress as students and self-regulated learners.

There are as many as forty-five students per class in Mr. Nagappa’s school. The instruction is not differentiated and remedial services are provided outside the school. Mr. Nagappa was inspired by student art work that decorate our hallways.

Mr. Nagappa plans to visit several other schools in Union County while he is here.

Written by: Syble Isbister
Posted: Feb 23, 2011 by Syble Isbister

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