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Guest Author, Steven L. Layne comes to Rocky River

5th Graders showing off Dr. Layne's latest chapter book!

"I like to write for kids because I think kids are incredibly awesome"

Author Dr. Steven Layne visited Rocky River Elementary School on February 10th and presented to students his thoughts and techniques on how to be a great writer. Dr. Layne has written a total of 22 books and is currently waiting for his latest book "Stay with Sister" to be published. It typically takes him 6-8 months to write a picture book and 2-3 years to write a chapter book.

Many things inspire a writer and for Dr. Layne, family stories ranks at the top. He draws from real life experience and creates a story that a child can understand and relate too. He told our students how his one daughter had a hard time when her little brother joined their family which prompted him to write "Love the Baby".

He doesn't believe in writers block. If he doesn't know where he is going next with a story he logs off his computer and only writes with a pen and paper and writes down anything that comes to mind. His intention is to "write his way" to where his story will lead to next.

For a fun writing game he challenges his students to play the "What If" game.

In addition to writing books, Dr. Layne also travels to elementary schools for author visits and serves as a full time Professor of Literacy Education at Judson University in Elgin, IL. He is married with 4 children.

Written by: Kristin Wiese
Posted: Feb 23, 2011 by Kristin Wiese

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