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Mrs. Slate’s class dives into nonfiction

Students share the information gathered from their non-fiction books with their small groups.

Mrs. Valorie Slate’s first grade class is studying nonfiction texts in Readers and Writers Workshop. The students have been thrilled to study and learn facts about animals, weather, plants, bones, dinosaurs, outer space and much more. 

They began by dissecting this genre to learn the make-up of nonfiction texts. Some of the features they have learned are the table of contents, headings, bold print, pictures and diagrams, the index and glossary.

In Mrs. Slate’s classroom students work with partners to read about different subjects. Partnerships work together to discover new information and discuss any tricky parts of the texts. The children really enjoy talking about what they already know and what they have learned too.

In the computer lab students searched for different animals to find out facts about zebras, bear, flamingos, snakes just to name a few. Students found out what they eat, where they live, and how they survive in the wild. They used this information to write a book about the animals they love. They then went through the writing process of researching information on their animals, planning the facts they would include, writing a rough draft and then editing their work before writing the final copy. This writing was compiled into a class book and was sent out to the publisher a few weeks ago. They are patiently waiting for their beautiful hard cover books to arrive.



Written by: Valorie Slate, 1st Grade Teacher
Posted: Feb 24, 2011 by Jennifer Williams

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