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Hemby Bridge ASP Has Heart

Pam Allen, a group leader at Hemby Bridge ASP, offers items to a resident of Hillcrest Baptist Church Rest Home.

Children at Hemby Bridge Elementary After School Program collected items for a Valentine service project for residents of Hillcrest Baptist Church Rest Home. The children brought in hand lotion, baby powder, wipes, socks, pens and pencils, note cards and note pads, individual Kleenex packets, toothpaste and toothbrushes, hard candies, a variety of crackers, and even books and magazines. Then the children made felt roses, candy men, and heart beanies to add to Valentine gift bags that included the donated items.

The Hemby Bridge ASP staff took the gift bags to the rest home and spent time visiting with the residents. The children enjoyed doing the project, especially making the handmade cards and gifts. Some of the residents rarely have visitors and the children's gifts and the staff's visit were a treat for them. According to Sheila Pierce, program coordinator, this facility was chosen because it is small--there were only 20 residents--so each one was able to receive a gift bag and have individual time with the staff. The residents selected the items created by the children and the food items first, then they shared the other items. According to Pierce, "What better way to show someone they're thought about and cared for than with gifts of love from children."

Written by: Karen Smith
Posted: Feb 25, 2011 by Karen Smith

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