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Principal from India Visits Our School

Antioch was proud to have Maharudra Holrhonur Nagappa, a prinicipal from India, come to visit our school last Thursday, February 24th.  He is the principal from the Paper Town English School in Paper Town, Bhadravati.  Bhadravati is in Karnataka State of India, which is close to Bangalore.  Mr. Hoover took Mr. Nagappa on a tour of our school.

Mr. Hoover and Mr. Nagappa discussed at length the commonalities and differences in the school systems of their homelands.  Mr. Hoover said that "the best part was being able to sit down and talk about both nations and our views on globalization.  It was also interesting to hear about their schooling ideas.  They end mandatory school in 10th grade (10th Standard) and the next two years they enter intermediate school with a focus that will allow them to be successful at the university.  If someone wants to be a doctor they would need to decide in 10th grade so that they could attend the intermediate school of science.  If ones wants to be an engineer, they would need to attend a math intermediate school.  This is an interesting concept."

Mr. Nagappa was intrigued by the openness of schools here in Union County and that our students are actively engaged in finding out "how to learn".  The Reading Writing Workshop is an example of this approach.  Small group instruction is also utilized.  He is visiting other schools while he is in our area and has witnessed this there, too.  In his school, there could be as many as 45 students in one classroom and the teacher does not individualize instruction in the manner we do here.  

Mr. Nagappa is in the states visiting his son who works in Monroe for Allvac.  His daughter-in-law was here during his visit to help with any language difficulties.  Mr. Nagappa will stay in the states for six months visiting schools and working with community organizations. 

Written by: Kathy Gwinn, media specialist
Posted: Feb 28, 2011 by Kathy Gwinn

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