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Top speller named at the 2010 UCPS Spelling Bee Competition

Thirty-nine elementary and middle school students participated in this year’s UCPS Spelling Bee, with the first-place trophy going to Marvin Ridge Middle School seventh grader Prakash Mishra. The runner-up in the competition was Brian Bacik, an eighth grader at Porter Ridge Middle.

“Fastidious” is an adjective from the Latin word fastidiosus, which means to be very attentive to and concerned about accuracy and detail. Spelling it correctly won Marvin Ridge Middle School seventh grader Prakash Mishra the top speller title for the Union County Public Schools during competition Thursday (January 21, 2010) at Central Academy of Technology and Arts.
“I’m really excited. This is great,” Mishra said holding his trophy. “I was really nervous I would freeze up in the middle of everything and forget what I had studied. I’ve been studying since early December.”
Mishra His parents, Sanjay and Maitriyee Mishra, who were on hand for their son’s victory, had no doubt that he would take the title. “My son and husband have been studying together so hard,” Maitriyee said.
“It was a learning experience for me, too,” said his father, Sanjay Mishra. “I didn’t know some of the words he was studying. It was great. I wasn’t that surprised that he won. I was very confident that he would win.”
Mishra will now represent UCPS at the Charlotte Observer Regional Spelling Bee next month at ImaginOn in Charlotte.
The runner-up in the UCPS 2010 Spelling Bee, was Brian Bacik, an eighth grader at Porter Ridge Middle. Bacik will represent the school system in the event Mishra cannot attend.
“I was really nervous,” Bacik said. “I had that feeling in my stomach. I was worried I would mix up the words, but I did fine.”  Bacik is the son of Andrew and Janet Bacik.
It took only 11 rounds for the first-place winner to emerge, but it took 23 rounds to unveil the second-place winner. Megan Piet, an eighth grader from Weddington Middle, lasted another 12 rounds after Mishra won first place before Bacik’s correct spelling of “barracks” took the second-place win.
At the close of competition, Deputy Superintendent Dr. Mary Ellis, congratulated all the winners. “I applaud you for representing your school,” Ellis said.
“It’s a big deal to represent every young person in your school. And parents, I applaud you for sitting up at night and helping your students spell these words. And a special congratulations to our winners. You guys were awesome.”

Written by: Deb Coates Bledsoe, UCPS Communications Coordinator
Posted: Jan 21, 2010 by Deb Coates Bledsoe

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