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Change for People Who Have Changed History

4th graders portray various famous figures

On Tuesday, February 22nd, the fourth graders at Hemby Bridge Elementary conducted their own Wax Museum for “People Who Have Changed History.” Some of these famous figures included Neil Armstrong, Lou Gehrig, Rosa Parks, and Helen Keller.

Students chose a person who has impacted history and researched his or her person for two weeks. Students had to find many different characteristics about their person, which included personal experiences, important contributions, famous quotes, and important dates. With the information gathered, students created a display board to showcase their information.

Along with their display, students had to write a speech that they would say when someone visited their station during the wax museum. Their speech included many of the facts that were discovered during their research.

As a fourth grade team, teachers decided to turn the wax museum into a fundraiser for Relay for Life, therefore naming the event “Change for People Who Have Changed History.” When students, parents, and teachers visited a member of the wax museum and wanted to hear that person’s speech, they would have to put some loose change into a cup. Once the coins were placed into the cup, the student would then stand up and read their speech for the visitor.

After all the change was counted, the fourth graders at Hemby Bridge were able to raise an amazing $584 for Relay for Life. It was a great experience that students, teachers, and parents thoroughly enjoyed!


Written by: Brady Thomas, 4th grade Teacher
Posted: Mar 03, 2011 by April Phillips

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