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Picking up bones

Students in Ms. Frances Rorie's class work with owl pellets.

Ms. Frances Rorie’s third grade class has been learning about their Human Body in Science. They have learned that it is the “most marvelous machine in the world”. The Human Body has many parts working together allowing them to do many things. Their body is still working even while they sleep.

Ms. Rorie’s class has enjoyed learning about their bones and how they are an important part of them. Without their skeleton they would have no shape like an octopus or jellyfish. Mr. Rorie showed her class x-rays that were donated to her. Her class was able to see how their bone might look. They studied bones of a forearm, hand, foot, and best of all a skull. They learned they have 206 different bones that they use for walking, writing, and most important as protection for their organs inside their body.

After learning all they did about our bodies, they had the opportunity to go online and study about the Barn Owls. This helped them when they worked with the owl pellets in which they found the fur and bones of rodents (www.kidwing.com/teach/owlpellets). This website showed them how the owl would eat a rat and then after about 20 hours, they would regurgitate or cough up the pellets. They took the bones from their owl pellets and glued them on their copy of a skeleton of a rodent. This was an experience they will long remember.

They are really enjoying learning about our body and bone in Science. Their class even made their own Mr. and Ms. Bones to help them remember all they have learned.


Written by: Frances Rorie, 3rd grade teacher
Posted: Mar 03, 2011 by Jennifer Williams

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