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Third Grade Celebrates Black History Month

Mrs. Ames's Third Grade Class

Third Grade Celebrates Black History Month

Did you know Ms. Gravely is also a student? This is just one of the many facts we learned from Ms. Gravely herself as a part of our research of African American Leaders in Our Communities.

As we discussed different communities we were a part of, we decided Ms. Gravely would be the perfect focus of our studies. We then discussed how we wanted to gather our information and share it with others in our school community. Our class chose an interview as the best way to learn and share facts about our principal.

We worked in small groups to decide the character traits we thought a strong leader must possess. Then we began to pose possible questions we might ask Ms. Gravely in our interview. Although the groups had a multitude of answers, we found there were some common ideas among the groups such as: courage, honesty, caring, educated.

Each student wrote a question to ask in our interview. We made an appointment with our very busy principal. She offered to host the interview in her office, which we were very excited about!

We took turns asking our questions and learned a great deal about Ms. Gravely, from her decision to become a principal to her pets. Ms. Gravely also had questions for us about leadership and we learned, not only did our class have similar views, but we also had many ideas in common with Ms. Gravely.

For more information, and cool facts about Ms. Gravely, please stop by and check out our poster in the Rock Rest Museum.

Written by: Mrs. Judy Ames
Posted: Mar 03, 2011 by Mrs. Mona Diggs , NBCT

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