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Science Olympiad Team Wins Medals

Pictured from bottom left are Jasmine Z., Anna P., Ashley T., Daniel T., Ella H., Kristin T., and Rachel W. From top left is Katherine D., Carson S., Cassidy S., Olivia N., Alex S., and Ashley W.

The Science Olympiad team participated in its first regional Science Olympiad competition at the high school level and walked away with several medals. Congratulations to the “Write It, Do It” team of Olivia Neal and Cassidy Slabaugh who took first place honors in their event! Overall, the team placed 7th out of 16 teams at the regional competition held at Fayetteville Technical Community College on February 26. Science Olympiad is a group of 18 high school students who compete in a variety of science-related events. Congratulations to the entire Science Olympiad team!

In addition to the first place finish by the Write It, Do It team, the Mystery Architecture team of Kristin Tomberlin and Olivia Neal placed 5th, the Disease Detectives team of Catherine DeBerry and Carson Scercy placed 4th, the Sounds of Music team of Catherine DeBerry and Rachel Widenhamer also placed 4th, the Chemistry Lab team of Alex Smith and Dillon Tucker placed third, and the Helicopter team of Kristin Tomberlin and Rachel Widenhamer placed 2nd.   Some of the events at the completion involve written tests, while others involve preconstructing items and testing them during the competition. For example, the Tower Building team preconstructed a tower and then had to test it to determine how much weight it could hold during the competition. 
The Write It-Do It event involves one person being the “writer” and they have to look at a random set of objects and then they have 25 minutes to write exactly what it looks like so their partner can then build it. Winning team member Cassidy Slabaugh, who is also the Science Olympiad President, had this to say about the experience, “After I finished completing the event, I was really excited because I felt like I did really well. Then, at the awards ceremony, Write-It, Do-It was the very last event to be called out and it is such a great feeling when they call your team name and you realize that all your hard work paid off!” Mr. Tradd Medford and Mr. Phil Apple are the advisors/coaches for the Science Olympiad team. 

Written by: Donna Helms, Web Editor
Posted: Mar 03, 2011 by Donna Helms

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