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Wacky Day comes to Mrs. Seaman's class!

Christina and her class had a blast!

Wednesday was Wacky Day for Mrs. Seaman's class.  They earned twelve paws, so they asked Mrs. Seaman if they could vote on extra recess, hat day, sit by a friend for the day, and Wacky Day.

They all voted.

The votes were in.

The winning thing was Wacky Day!

They all wanted to do it on a Wednesday.  So, on the next week they did it.  A student in Mrs. Seaman's class wore an afro.  Another wore different earrings!  Another person had a mask on.  It looked really funny!  A girl in the class spray painted half her hair sparkly green and the other half sparkly pink.  She also had her hair in pigtails.  A boy in the class had spray painted his hair green!  Another girl looked like a boy and spray painted her hair blue!

I know their Wacky Day was super wacky!

Written by: Christina S., Fourth Grader
Posted: Mar 06, 2011 by Jodi McConkey

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