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Just a little extra work

Rev. Chris Justice speaks to students about doing just a little extra work to reach their goal of 80%.

It is that time of year when spring fever is starting to set in. Students, and teachers, are ready for a break. This year seems even more packed because all teacher workdays since January 18, 2011, have been used as make up days for the snow received in January. Keeping students motivated to do their best is harder than ever. However, here at Union Elementary School, administration and staff are doing all they can to help students continue to achieve. The theme of reaching for 80% or more continues, and the students are racing towards that goal. To help keep them motivated, guest speaker, Reverend Chris Justice visited Union on March 2, 2011, in order to encourage students to do “just a little extra work.”

Over the past couple of months students at Union have been encouraged to reach their 80% goal in many ways. Each Friday, two classes are spotlighted on the morning broadcast to show how they are meeting the Principal’s STAR expectations, various individuals have been featured on the broadcast with Mrs. Croffut, and various assemblies have been held to motivate hard work. One such assembly was held on March 2, 2011. Reverend Chris Justice, current pastor at Lee Park Baptist Church and former news anchor for Channel 36 news, came to talk to the students about doing “just a little extra work.” He shared a story with the students about an experience he had in 6th grade that helped him realize that doing just a little extra work can make a big difference.

Reverend Justice chanted with the students “80% with just a little extra work” to remind them to do their best and put forth just a little more effort than they are currently doing. Mrs. Gerri Thierbach, 2nd grade teacher, challenged the students to think about what Reverend Justice said and think of something they can take back to the classroom with them. Students were encouraged from hearing a real life experience of someone successful. They were able to relate to the story that was told, and walk away with something valuable. Please take the time to encourage your child to do “just a little extra work” at home as well! Keep striving for 80% OR MORE!!!!



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Written by: Jennifer Williams, media coordinator
Posted: Mar 07, 2011 by Jennifer Williams

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