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We Do LOVE Green Eggs and Ham!

Ymmmm, green eggs and ham!

Friday afternoon, March 4th, marked the beginning of a new love for Kindergarteners in Mrs. McGinn’s and Mrs. Helms’ classes as they tried green eggs and ham for the first time. After hearing the story Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss read aloud, Kindergarten students were invited to try the delicious breakfast delight for themselves. And the result? They loved it! In fact, they were asking for seconds!

Mrs. Melvin and Mrs. Romero, instructional assistants, helped prepare the eggs and the ham for the students. The eggs were mixed with green food coloring and scrambled. Most students gobbled the eggs right down, and held their plates up for more. They smiled for a picture to show Mom and Dad at home that they really did try a new food!

Students also were able to find rhyming words in the book such as boat and goat, and house and mouse. They loved being able to finish the sentences in the books themselves because the words in the book repeat so often. Both classes plan to enjoy more Dr. Seuss books next week and in the weeks to come. “What a great way to celebrate Dr. Seuss’ birthday! Thanks for inviting us, Mrs. McGinn’s class!” exclaimed Mrs. Helms’ class after the celebration.

Written by: Erin Helms, Kindergarten Teacher
Posted: Mar 07, 2011 by Airen Hartis

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