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Town of Waxhaw Supports Waxhaw Students

Netbooks are small portable laptop computers designed for wireless communication and access to the Internet. Teachers will use the computers to enrich their lessons with technology. The netbooks will be housed in the media center and checked out like books.
Waxhaw Elementary School Student Council president Jackson Sinclair cut a symbolic large red ribbon on both carts during the Wednesday presentation in the media center.
The idea for the technology funds was the brainchild of Waxhaw Commissioner Martin Lane (Waxhaw’s mayor pro tem) after he spoke with the school’s principal Cheryl Lawrence and the school’s media coordinator Kathey Crowell about the school’s needs.
Lane said giving students at Waxhaw Elementary the opportunity to learn on the latest technology was important to the Waxhaw Board of Commissioners.
“I read a quote recently that said, ‘If we teach our children today like we taught them yesterday, we’re robbing them of being prepared for tomorrow,’ ” Lane said during the presentation.
Lane told students that when he was in the fifth grade, there were only two computers in his entire school, and he had access to a computer maybe once a month.
“Since then we have everything from cell phones to netbooks like these, video games and iPods,” he told students. “Technology has certainly changed since I was a student and I anticipate it will continue to change to that degree in the next 10 to 20 years when you guys are my age.”
Waxhaw town officials present at the ceremony included Lane, Waxhaw Mayor Daune Gardner, Town Clerk Bonnie McManus, Human Resources Manager Wendy Davenport and Waxhaw Town Manager Mike McLaurin.
“The Town of Waxhaw is responsible for the well-being of our entire community and our children are our future,” Gardner said. “If we equip the children with the skills to better our community in the future, there is no downside to that.”
Lawrence gave Lane and other town officials a certificate of appreciation from the school.  “We are so grateful to the town of Waxhaw for supporting the school,” Lawrence said.
“It’s so important for the communities to work together,” she told students during the presentation. “The schools aren’t a separate entity from everything else. Our communities, government and schools should all work together to make the best future for you.” 
First teachers will be trained on the netbooks, and then they will be made available to students.


Written by: Written by: Deb Coates Bledsoe, UCPS Communications Coordinator
Posted: Jan 24, 2010 by Mrs. Cheryl Lawrence

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