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The Netbook Nook

Chase Robins, Brady Farmer, Payden Rosen, Christopher Adkins, and Manuel Palacios-Chavez (pictured left to right) work in the Netbook Nook.

In February of 2011 Waxhaw Elementary School officially opened the Netbook Nook. So you are wondering what a Netbook Nook is, right? Well, it is a classroom that has been transformed into a special room filled with a class set of Dell Netbooks.

A Dell Netbook is a small (in size only) portable laptop computer. This room contains 28 netbooks that have web access via a wireless internet connection. It also contains a data projector for teachers to use while in the Netbook Nook.

Using the data projector, teachers can easily offer whole class instruction as their students participate in a technology enriched instructional lesson on the white screen.  The students can follow along with their teacher and have a hands-on experience using the individual netbooks assigned to them while visiting the Netbook Nook.

Classroom teachers have the opportunity to schedule a time for their classes to visit the Netbook Nook to do research, word processing, or enjoy other educational activities.

Each netbook is connected to a shared printer so students can print out a found treasure located on the internet or print a final product (class assignment) that they created using Powerpoint, word processing, Timeliner or other various software programs available for their use on the netbook. 


Written by: Kathey Crowell, Media Specialist
Posted: Mar 10, 2011 by Kimberly Thomas

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