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7th Grade Heat Team Skypes with Tunisian Teacher

Students in Mrs. Crossley's class discuss Tunisian culture with Mrs. Parker via Skype.

The 7th grade Heat Team had the opportunity to Skype with a teacher in Tunisia, Africa. Mrs. Parker was a 7th grade science teacher from Porter Ridge Middle School and she moved to Tunisia this summer with her family. She works at an “American School” and also tutors the child of an American diplomat.

Tunisia has been experiencing political change over the past few weeks. What has happened in this small North African country has created a domino effect in other countries in North Africa and the Middle East. Students had the opportunity to ask Mrs. Parker about the new government, the protests, and the riots.

They also got an inside look at the culture of Tunisia. They learned that Tunisians love to play soccer and that Puma and Addidas are huge brand names. They also learned that in Tunisia boys and girls do not play together, but play separately with boys being more rambunctious playing outside and girls being quieter and playing inside.

Students got to see Mrs. Parker via webcam dressed in the transitional Muslim hajib. Mrs. Parker informed students that she does not have to wear the head dress, but chooses to do so because men treat women with more respect who wear the hajib. It helps her to be perceived as more of a “professional”.

The 7th grade students have been following current events about the country‘s political transformation and look forward to Skyping with Mrs. Parker again.

Written by: Kristen Crossley, Social Studies Teacher at Piedmont Middle
Posted: Mar 16, 2011 by Mrs. Karen Barbee

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