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Fifth Grade Students Complete Biography Genre Study

Fifth grade students in Diane Hubbert's 4th grade class dress up as: Houdini, Elvis, Da Vinci, Alexander G. Bell, Babe Ruth, Harriet Tubman, and Shaquille O'Neal when presenting a genre study on biographies, to name a few.

Sun Valley Elementary fifth grade teacher Diane Hubbert's students completed a genre study of biographies. As the culminating project, her students dressed up when reporting on a famous person of their choice. The creative report focused on creating a timeline of the person's life and dressing up as the person to present to the class. Students also wrote why they chose to read about the person and what they thought about the person after having read the biography.

Written by: Mr. Kevin Vickers
Posted: Mar 17, 2011 by Mr. Kevin Vickers

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