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Kate's Japan Relief


 After hearing about the huge earthquake and then tsunami in Japan, Kate wanted to help.  She first wanted to send food and water to the people of Japan “ because I felt sad for Japan”.  Then she realized the best way to help was to send money to the American Red Cross.  Kate set a goal to raise $1000 as soon as possible.  She first emailed just a few people and they all wanted to send her money, including her teacher, Sally Ketron.  So Kate wanted to ask her whole class to contribute….then she decided to ask the whole school!  â€œI felt so happy when people started putting money in the jar!”  When her grandmother heard about her idea, she sent Kate’s email to her friends and so did her mom.  The emails started pouring in from all over the VA, NC, and GA saying they had already put a check in the mail for Kate’s Japan Relief!  Her family and friends are so proud of Kate for caring enough about the people of Japan to try to raise so much money to help them.  She has already raised over $150 in less than 24 hours, and most checks haven’t arrived in the mail yet!  If you would like to help Kate reach her goal, you can bring money to Hemby Bridge (put in the jar in main office).  “The American Red Cross is acting swiftly to put your donations to work in communities affected by the earthquake in Japan and tsunami throughout the Pacific. We are supporting relief work to meet critical needs. On behalf of those we serve by our humanitarian mission, thank you.”

Written by: Carrie Thompson
Posted: Mar 17, 2011 by April Phillips

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