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Drye and King Win Prestigious UNCC Scholarships

Two Piedmont students have won prestigious scholarships from the University of North Carolina Charlotte. Pictured are Patric King and Kristina Drye, seniors at Piedmont who have won the Levine and the C.C. Cameron/ Provost Scholarships, respectively. Both are full-ride scholarships, allowing Patric and Kristina to attend the University free of charge.  Piedmont Seniors have already earned over 10 million dollars in scholarship offers. 

In order to receive these scholarships, Patric and Kristina both applied for the Levine Scholarship online; both were chosen as part of a group of fifty-one finalists, a group whittled down from 2,100 applicants. As a finalist, they were required to attend a weekend at UNCC, where they participated in single interviews, seminars, debates with other finalists, and small group interviews. Kristina tells that her favorite part “was the Socratic debate we had to participate in. We both had to read an article by Paulo Friere and debate it in a group of about twelve finalists. It was fun and enlightening.”

Notified two weeks later, Patric was “thrilled” to find that he had been awarded the Levine, an extremely prestigious scholarship that not only allows him to attend the University free of charge but also allows him to experience internships, study abroad opportunities, and a NOLS outdoor leadership trip to Alaska this coming summer. Patric says that “It’s an amazing honor to be awarded this scholarship! It seems so surreal to me in this moment, and I don’t know if it has really hit me yet. I want to thank all of the people who made me into the person I am and I cannot be more appreciative than I am right now!"  Patric was also a recent Sonic Scholar Award winner and will play baseball for the UNCC 49ers next year!

Kristina was also pleased to find that she had been designated as an alternate for the Levine- if someone happens to decline the award, then she is in place to possibly be bumped up to that honor instead. She was also awarded the C.C. Cameron and Provost Scholarships, two scholarships that combine to allow her, as well as Patrick, to attend UNCC on a full-ride. When asked how she felt about this scholarship, Drye replied, “I am honored to be chosen as a recipient of this award. It offers me opportunities that I could not have found elsewhere, and I am grateful for that. ” She also wanted to add that she “is so happy for Patric as well. It was hard to go up against someone I knew, and I’m flattered that we both get to share a bit of what we were competing for.”

Congratulations Kristina and Patric on your accomplishments!

Written by: Donna Helms, Web Editor
Posted: Mar 18, 2011 by Donna Helms

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