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Weddington students build Habitat house

First Priority club volunteers and club advisor, Mrs. Hearne, help build the Habitat for Humanity home in Marshville.

In 13 weeks, a Weddington High School senior looks to finish construction of a Habitat for Humanity House in Marshville.

Alex Newsome, 17, decided to work on the house after previously volunteering with the organization.

He thought it would be a good idea to get the whole school involved and took the idea to the school’s principal, he said.

“I worked with them (Habitat for Humanity) last year but then this summer, I had an idea that I could get the clubs involved in my school to come together and build a house and provide the labor,” he said.

The National Honor Society, French Club and National Art Honor Society are just some of the school’s clubs planned to help with the construction. Some of the school’s faculty are also planned to come out and help, he said.

Work on the house started March 5. The plan is for him and other school volunteers to work on the house once a week on Saturday morning. The house is one in an entire community planned in Marshville, he said.

“It’s really fun,” he said. “It’s a fun way to help out the community and help out people.”

Weather may affect some of the days the school can volunteer but he is looking forward to seeing the house finished, he said.
“I love the feeling of volunteering,” he said.

He has met the family planned to move into the finished home and is happy he, his fellow students and others are able to help them. It felt great to meet them and the family was happy they were there. They are also helping build the house, he said.

Sylvia Newsome, his mom, said she’s is proud of what he’s accomplished and the fact that so many students are helping with the project.

“It chokes me up because it’s so amazing to see these kids,” she said. “They’re contributing to the community.”

The whole school is involved in the project, Weddington High School Assistant Principal Brenda Jackson said. “I think it’s going really good,” she said.

Two clubs are booked to help out every Saturday. On April 30, Weddington Middle School faculty will be helping with the house and on May 7, the high school’s faculty will help, she said.

She was surprised about Newsome’s idea to have the entire school work on the house but was happy to help him, she said.

“Alex is a super kid and he recognized the fact that Weddington students want to help,” she said.

The school is looking into working on a Habitat house next year and possibly in later years. She has so far heard good things about students working on the current house and has heard that there has been a large turnout, she said.

-- This feature article was reprinted courtesy of The Enquirer Journal. It ran in the March 15, 2011 edition.

Written by: Lacey Hampton, Enquirer Journal reporter
Posted: Mar 18, 2011 by Deb Coates Bledsoe

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