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Fourth Grade Wax Museum

Honest Abe, er, Joseph.

I hope you guys loved the wax museum.  I was Florence Nightingale.  Here are some of the other people: Annie Oakley, Thomas Jefferson, Margaret E. Night, and more.

We had to read a book, get some information down on paper, and put it in a speech in one week!  And if it wasn't almost 1 1/2 minutes or even two minutes you had to take out some things.  And then you had to re-read it again.  It took forever to hear all of our class.  Only some people, even me, had to go to the bathroom to change.  Only three or five people had like one or two props.  The rest of the class had like a costume.  Even I had a costume.  Florence Nightingale was like the first British nurse.

By the end of the wax museum, my throat was sore.  But it was worth it!

Written by: Juliana C., Fourth Grader
Posted: Mar 20, 2011 by Jodi McConkey

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