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Surprise Visit from Soldier

Fourth grade students gather around Senior Airman Kirsten McCormick.

New Salem's fourth graders were visited by a soldier from the United States Air Force on March 15th. Senior Airman Kirsten McCormick stopped by after her recent deployment to Kuwait. Students sent Christmas cards to her platoon in December and were treated to a surprise visit.

She came to share some of her experiences in this faraway land and to share a bit of the culture. Students listened as she showed pictures of native animals, geographical features, and weather from the desert country. Students were able to see photographs of camels, donkeys, horses, and camel spiders.

They also saw pictures of the strong sand storms that sweep through the desert from time to time. Senior Airman Kirsten McCormick also spoke about the clothing worn by the people of Kuwait and some of their favorite foods. In addition, she brought with her some arts and crafts that are sold in the country.

This was a wonderful way for students to learn about a culture that is very different from our own. They walked away with a deeper understanding of the world that lies outside of our front door.


Written by: Mindy Pope, Teacher
Posted: Mar 21, 2011 by Gina James

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