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Pi Day in Ms. Gowdy's Class

Did you know that March 14 was Pi Day? 3-14 is 3.14. In Ms. Gowdy's 5th grade AIG class students celebrated Pi Day. Many students shared fascinating facts about the digits of pi. Once fact was Chano Lu, who lives in China, holds the record of most digits memorized in pi. He memorized 67,890 digits of pi. Another fact was that a Japanese professor found 6.4 billion digits in pi, in only 116 hours on a computer. One more fact is the first six digits of pi (3.14159) appears in order at least six times among the first ten million digits of pi. As you can see, pi has many fascinating facts.

The class enjoyed many treats brought in by the generous students to celebrate Pi Day. Ms. Gowdy then asked each of the students to calculate the circumference of their treats. To find the circumference, students multipied pi by the diameter. To check this method, students used a piece of string and wrapped it around the treat and measured it in both centimeters and inches using a ruler. Ms. Gowdy's class had a great time learning about math.

Written by: Students: Justin Roach, Sean Crowley, Ryan Roach, and Spencer Rubottom
Posted: Mar 22, 2011 by Diann Harvey

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