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In a second grade social studies unit, our classes participate in something called a minisociety. It goes along with our study of economics. The children start by choosing whatever business they would like to run. The students will then fill out job applications in order to get the business they want. The kids are responsible for everything that they need to bring in and for keeping up with any items they need for their business. We try to encourage the students to be creative about choosing their business and to use as little out of pocket expenses as possible.

We use fake money in the classroom to exchange for the goods/services. Each student is given a certain amount at the beginning of mini-society and will be responsible for keeping up with and earning more money. The students also have to pay taxes according to how much money they have. This will teach them not only to be responsible but also to be smart with money.

Minisocieties are a very beneficial tool within the classroom. The students get to learn and experience many life skills such as money management, supply and demand, and providing goods/services. This gives them a chance to learn about the business world before ever being a part of it. The kids have fun while learning valuable lessons in the process. During the first session of minisociety one student, Ivan, shouted “ Mrs. T., I’m scarce!” While he was obviously not scarce, his product was. He was learning important vocabulary and using it in the context of a real-life situation.

Our classes also visit each other and gain important insight by observing other societies. In our class we also have a Parent Day in which parents come in and shop as well. We follow up this unit of study with a field trip to some businesses in the community where they learn about the goods and services provided by their stores. They then get to be consumers at CiCi’s pizza. Everyone loves minisociety! The teachers do, as well.


Written by: Gerri Thierbach, 2nd Grade Teacher
Posted: Mar 22, 2011 by Jennifer Williams

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