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The Civil War Reenactment by 5th Grade

Marvin Elementary’s 5th Grade Students celebrated the end of the 4th Grading period with their annual Civil War Reenactment. During the six week period, each student portrayed the role of either a Union or Confederate soldier, complete with field and home identities outlining name, background, family life, opinions on war and personal beliefs.

Through an integrated unit involving social studies, writing, math, reading and special areas such as computers, P.E. and art, students learned about the Civil War while creating individual scrapbooks of their soldier’s experiences during this four year period in our history. This year marks the beginning of the 150th anniversary, honoring those who fought in the “bloodiest war” in history.

Written by: Marni Menkin
Posted: Mar 24, 2011 by Marni Menkin

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