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CATA Lottery for 2011-2012 Held

On Friday, March 25th, about    parents gathered in the auditorium at CATA to watch the lottery process take place.  They were waiting to find out if their son or daughter's number would be called and if they would get a slot in an academy of their choice.

Ms. Deb Christensen, Media Specialist, sat at the back of the auditorium with a computer and microphone.  Dr. Cheryl Jones, Assistant Principal for Instruction, stood at the front of the room and explained the lottery process to the waiting families.  CATA staff stood along the walls of the auditorium with markers and chart paper ready to write down the names of the students.  After generating random numbers and placing those into the spreadsheet, the list was then sorted by the random numbers.  Ms. Christensen would call out an academy pathway, the district the school was located in and the name and lottery number of the student.  If there was space, the student's name and number were written down.  If a pathway was full for a particular cluster, the student's second choice was read.  If there was room in the second choice then the student's name and number were written down under that pathway.  If both pathways were full then the student's name and number were written on a waiting list for their first choice pathway.

This continued until every name, all 534 of them, was read and placed.  Parents then had a chance to come by and check the sheets for their child's name.  After everyone had left, the pieces of chart paper were collected and the names and the lottery numbers were verified by CATA staff before the lottery numbers were put on the website.  Now the guidance department must take time to finish going through the lists and gather all the names of students who were placed on the waiting list.  Where a student is on a waiting list does not eliminate the chance of a student getting into CATA at this point since until EOG scores, attendance records and discipline records are received in June, no one is actually "in" yet.  Student acceptance is contingent upon the student scoring a level 3 or 4 on the English and math EOG tests as well as discipline and attendance records. Students will be notified of their acceptance in the summer after records have been received from school districts. Student testing records are often not received until mid to late June. Those students who get final acceptance will be mailed a post card that must be returned in order to secure their slot.  It will be the end of June before anyone is notified of their status.  Students are taken off the waiting list according to openings by clusters for a pathway.  For example, a student might be the 30th person on the waiting list but if they are the first person from a cluster that has an opening then they will be put into the open slot. 

The lottery results can be found on the following page: http://cata.ucps.k12.nc.us/php/CATALotteryResults.php.  Please note that CISCO and Collision Repair were not in the lottery and Dance and Theatre students are selected by an audition process so those pathways were not in the lottery either.  Parents will  start being notified in June as to whether their child was admitted to CATA.  Thank you to everyone who took part in the lottery process. If you have questions about the lottery process, please contact Dr. Jones at 704-296-3088.

Written by: Ms. Deb Christensen
Posted: Mar 24, 2011 by Ms. Deb Christensen

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